Our tunings are performed through a long and detailed work tune-up at the test bench.
Then the new items are simply installed on the ECU:
  • by replacing the orginal chip with ours
  • by transferring the new items through the ECU plug that is directly connected to the computer (by serial)
In cars where the original ECU cannot be modified, DigitalTuning offers additional modules which have the advantage of being adaptable to any kind of motor, but with lower performances compared to the original ECU's modifications.

The ECU tuning does not need to be regulated again nor does it require further modifications to the motor.
  • The reliability and the duration of the motor remain the same
  • After the installation, the modifications go through service tests of the car's manufacturers by electric diagnosis
The tuning of the original management determines:
  • the optimal efficiency of the motor by any utilization
  • the worthy inrease of power: better acceleration and increase of maximum power
  • the torque: excellent acceleration first of all at low rpm
  • noticeable diminution of fuel's consumption
Our preparations are available for every induction, turbo and turbo-diesel car.